This site is used to teach web design & creation for Wren.
It provides classes in the creation of an html web site.

Introduction to Web design - 1 day (4 hours)

Ever want to create a web site, but didn't know how. This course covers the concepts of how the internet works and begins the thought process of what you want your web site to look like. What are the pieces? Where do they fit?  How do I get my file to the internet?  What is Java, or HTML?  Do I need to know these?  After taking this one night course you'll leave with a better understanding of the web, and be able to start the creative thought process of designing your own site.

Web site creation 101 - 6 days (18 hours)

In this class you will create a working web site on the internet.  This course will cover, advanced planning for the web site, the creation of HTML pages, buttons & banners, working with templates, getting the attention of the search engines, and the editing of pictures for your site.  You will then upload your files to the internet for all to see. You'll be surprised how many tools you already have, or can get for free in order to create your own website.  This course assumes familiarity with internet web browsing (surfing) and the use of a Microsoft Word or other word processor.

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